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17 February 2011

Equestrian Clearance - Low cost horse clothing Thomas Fuchs

Diners Club        
Dollar Girl Dynamo  Sensation  Salem  04/05/1986 
Dudley II        
El Lute        
Major Major de la Cour       
Some Day        
Willora Carpets        
Date Show Class Horse Place
 14/06/1995  Aachen, Germany  Nations Cup  Major   08
 08/04/1995  Dortmund Germany  World Cup Qualifier  Dudley II   17
 12/07/1994  Aachen, Germany  Nations Cup  Major   06
 15/06/1994  Aachen, Germany  Grand Prix  Major   02
 05/06/1994  Barcelona, Spain  Nations Cup  Some Day   06
 16/10/1993  Sevilla, Spain  Grand Prix  Dylano   06
 16/06/1993  Aachen, Germany  Nations Cup  Dylano   01
 11/06/1993  San Gallo  Nations Cup  Dylano   04
 05/03/1993  Zurich, Switzerland  Zurich Grand Prix  Dylano   08
 22/05/1992  Olympics  Individual  Dylano   16
 15/12/1990  Olympia  World Cup Qualifier  Dollar Girl   01
 14/11/1990  Berlin, Germany  World Cup Qualifier  Dollar Girl   01
 13/10/1989  Antwerp, Belgium  World Cup Qualifier  Dollar Girl   01
 22/07/1988  Aachen, Germany  Grand Prix  Dollar Girl   05
 15/06/1988  Aachen, Germany  Grand Prix  Dollar Girl   05
 10/06/1988  Cannes, France  Cannes Grand Prix  Dollar Girl   03
 22/05/1988  Olympics  Individual  Dollar Girl   07
 14/10/1986  Helsinki Finland  World Cup Qualifier  El Lute   05
 31/08/1986  Rotterdam, Holland  Nations Cup  El Lute   02
 16/12/1985  Amsterdam, Holland  World Cup Qualifier  El Lute   01
 06/04/1985  Dortmund Germany  World Cup Qualifier  Diners Club   06
 18/03/1984  s'Hertogenbosch, Holland  World Cup Qualifier  Willora Carpets   01
 14/11/1981  Berlin, Germany  World Cup Qualifier  Willora Carpets   01
 12/02/1979  Bordeaux, France  World Cup Qualifier  Goldika   01

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