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18 February 2011

Equestrian Clearance - Low cost horse clothing Ian Miller

Aftershock El Futuro      01/01/1992 
Big Ben       01/01/1976 
Dorincord Drosselklang II      21/05/1990 
Future Folly Dageraad      01/01/1990 
Glory Days       01/01/1992 
In Style Acord II      01/01/1995 
Mont Cenis        
Play it Again Voltaire      01/01/1987 
Promise Me Lauriston      01/01/1994 
Sweet Dreams Olisco      01/01/1991 
Date Show Class Horse Place
 02/04/2005  Menlo Charity - Atherton, CA  San Jose British Motors Grand Prix  In Style   05
 02/04/2005  Tampa, FL - Budweiser American Invitational  $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational  In Style   05
 30/03/2005  Tournament Of Champions-CSI-W - Tampa, FL  WEF Challenge Cup Final  Promise Me   08
 26/03/2005  Tampa Bay Classic CSI-W  1.45m  Promise Me   04
 27/02/2005  Zada Wellington Masters, CSI - Wellington, Florida  Zada Enterprises, LLC Masters Cup  In Style   04
 17/02/2005  Ocala Winter Festival - Ocala, Florida  Peterson & Smith Grand Prix  Aftershock   01
 13/02/2005  Ocala Winter Classic - Ocala, Florida  EMO Grand Prix  Aftershock   02
 10/02/2005  Ocala Winter Classic - Ocala, Florida  Thursday Grand Prix  Aftershock   02
 30/01/2005  Ocala January 2 - Ocala, Florida  Ocala Hits Grand Prix  Aftershock   04
 23/01/2005  Ocala January I - Ocala, Florida  Ocala Hits Grand Prix  Sweet Dreams   04
 22/01/2005  Green Cove Springs - Green Cove Springs, Florida  GCS Jackspnville International Grand Prix  In Style   04
 27/08/2004  Olympics  Individual  Promise Me   24
 17/06/2001  Helsinki Finland  Helsinki Grand Prix  Dorincord   01
 03/01/2001  Wellington, Florida  Tommy Bahama Open  Dorincord   03
 10/09/2000  Spruce Meadows Masters  Du Maurier Grand Prix  Glory Days   06
 27/07/2000  Olympics  Team  Dorincord   09
 27/07/2000  Olympics  Individual  Dorincord   10
 26/07/2000  Olympics  Individual showjumping: First qualifying section  Dorincord   05
 12/09/1999  Spruce Meadows Masters  Du Maurier Grand Prix  Ivar   34
 08/08/1999  Panamerican Games  Team  Ivar   03
 08/08/1999  Panamerican Games  Individual  Ivar   01
 12/07/1999  Nepean, Canada  World Cup Qualifier  Play it Again   01
 07/07/1999  Blainville, Canada  Worldcup Qualifier  Play it Again   02
 03/07/1999  Quebec, Canada  World Cup Qualifier  Future Folly   04
 14/11/1998  Toronto  Nations Cup  Roulette   01
 16/08/1998  Aachen, Germany  Zentis - Prize  Future Folly   09
 15/08/1998  Aachen, Germany  Prize of Licher Privatbrauerei  Mont Cenis   09
 15/08/1998  Aachen, Germany  Prize of Sparkasse  Future Folly   09
 14/08/1998  Aachen, Germany  Prize of Tuchfabrik Becker  Mont Cenis   01
 13/08/1998  Aachen, Germany  Prize of Handwerk  Future Folly   05
 13/08/1998  Aachen, Germany  Milcherzeugnisse Relay  Future Folly   06
 12/08/1998  Aachen, Germany  Prize of Kreis Aachen  Future Folly   09
 24/07/1998  Valkensward, Holland  Royal Sluis Prix  Future Folly   05
 11/06/1996  Aachen, Germany  Nations Cup  Play it Again   09
 24/04/1989  World Cup Final  World Cup - 1st Leg  Big Ben   01
 24/04/1989  World Cup Final  World Cup - 2nd Leg  Big Ben   01
 24/04/1989  World Cup Final  World Cup - 3rd Leg  Big Ben   01
 21/04/1989  World Cup Final  World Cup Final  Big Ben   01
 24/04/1988  World Cup Final  World Cup - 1st Leg  Big Ben   01
 21/04/1988  World Cup Final  World Cup Final  Big Ben   01
 24/04/1986  World Cup Final  World Cup Final  Big Ben   02

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